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Woodscape of Utah has been providing premium wood mulch for over 20 years! Our recycled wood is sourced locally from Pallet Express. Our wood mulches are ground, screened for fines, and dyed with food-grade colorant all on site making a sustainable product for your home.



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Colored Wood Mulches

Woodscape of Utah specializes in colored wood mulches. We provide several different colors to ensure the right fit for your home! Our premium-colored mulch is an environmentally safe product that conserves water and suppresses weeds all while protecting your plants from extreme temperatures. Because we use a high-quality food grade colorant, Woodscape mulches are longer lasting than other wood mulches.  Our premium mulch is sold in bulk by the cubic yard or by the 2 cubit foot bag.

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Our premium wood mulch provides a beautiful top dress to your flower beds all while increasing water and nutrient holding capacity.

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We offer premium compost and other natural fertilizers, wood pellets for pellet stoves, and other wood products like horse bedding, playground chip, and natural barks.


Woodscape leads the Intermountain West in recycling old pallets and other wood waste.

Woodscape of Utah recycles both wood products and animal waste to make the great products our customers love!

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