Premium Compost

Woodscape Premium Compost is organic and all-natural, with a special blend of manure, sawdust, and hydroscopic fiber (wool). We combine these products carefully to ensure your plants, lawn, trees or garden vegetables can get the full nutritional value needed for root development. 

Our Premium Compost will help your soil retain moisture and works as a slow release fertilizer that lasts all year long, unlike chemical fertilizers that only last for a few weeks, and won’t burn your lawn or plants.

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Why is our Premium Compost so great?

We turn and water our compost regularly to help add oxygen to the center of the piles, and maintain an inside temperature of about 160 degrees. 

Our compost process takes about three months, after which it is screened to remove any debris and to make a uniform product for you and your customers. Our compost is tested through USU labs to ensure we are maintaining the highest quality.

Safe for use around children and pets immediately after application.

Woodscape Premium Compost is available in 1.5 cubic foot bags or in bulk by the cubic yard. 

Delivery is available with a ten yard minimum.

Other benefits:

  • Helps soils retain moisture 
  • Adds the full range of nutrients, not just the big "NPK" three:
  • NPK is:
    N = 30 lbs per ton
    P = 34 lbs per ton
    K = 12 lbs per ton 
  • A true compost so it will not burn your plants from high salts or unbalance your pH like manure (pH=6.1) 
  • No need to add lime like with commercial fertilizer (saves you money!) 
  • Compost is a slow release fertilizer so nutrients are available all year long not just for six weeks like commercial fertilizer 
  • Screened through a 1/4 inch screen so no trash, big rocks, or other garbage 
  • All natural, organic, and local