Natural Fertilizers

Improve soil quality and health.

Steer Manure

Woodscape Steer Manure can be used in a variety of lawn and garden applications to improve soil quality and health. We source the manure locally to ensure the highest quality product is available for your use.

Our Steer Manure is perfectly-aged, screened, and broken down to provide you with a consistent, natural fertilizer that doesn't smell bad and won't harm your plants.

Wool Pellets

***Patent Pending***

Wild Valley Farms Wool Pellets are a new, all-natural product on the market in the United States. They provide high nutrition, retain water (so you use less water), and create more porosity in the soil for your plants.

Wool Pellets are a slow-release fertilizer that will not "burn", but will provide NPK and other nutrients for the whole growing season.

Below is a test conducted at Pineae Greenhouses using wool pellets and comparing them to another organic fertilizers.

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Pineae Greenhouse Test

Overview of Trial

  • Big Beef tomato planted 38 days ago 2 seeds per 2.50 Qt. pot.
  • Plants reduced to 1 plant per pot following germination
  • PP=Peat Perlite 90% Peat/10% Perlite with lime to adjust pH
  • PW=Peat Wool Pellet mix at either 90% or 95% Peat and 10% or 5% Wool Pellet with lime to adjust pH
  • BM=.13#’s of Blood Meal per cubic foot of mix to yield 120ppm N
  • All plants watered with clear pH adjusted water
  • Plants grown under HID lighting 350FC
  • Average Temperature 70 degrees F .

Observation 1-15-16

  • The plants with Peat/Perlite-no feed-grew as expected (very little)
  • The plants with Peat/Perlite & Blood Meal grew slightly better
  • The plants with Peat/Wool & Blood Meal were not as nice as either of the Peat Wool mixes w/o Blood Meal
  • The nicest plants were the plants with Peat Wool with no noticeable difference between the 5% and 10% wool mixes.