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Premium Fuel Pellets

A 100% natural and environmentally-friendly way to heat your home.

Our Premium Fuel Pellets are composed of virgin Douglas fir that is ground into a fine sawdust. The sawdust is then fed into the pellet mill where it is pressed to make the beautiful clean wood pellets.

Because of the premium feed stock we begin with, our pellets burn clean and hot to keep you warm and happy.

Sourced from the cleanest and finest softwood lumber, our Premium Fuel Pellets are guaranteed to light quickly, burn hotter, and produce less ash than most wood fuel pellets on the market today.

Once you've tried our Premium Fuel Pellets, you'll see why we are the best choice for a fuel pellet throughout the west.

Woodscape Premium Fuel Pellets meet or exceed the standards for a "premium" fuel pellet as set by the Pellet Fuels Institute in all categories. 

Premium Fuel Pellets are available in a high quality 40-pound bags that keep our pellets dry. Our bags won't tear apart while handling so you don't have to worry about breaks or spills.

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*If your local suppliers don't carry the Woodscape brand, let us know and we'll find you a dealer in your area that does.

Industrial Absorbents

Oil & Gas

These pellets are ideal for use in soaking up spilled oil and gas products. Wood pellets act as high surface area growth medium for bacteria that feed off both the oil and the wood, aiding in decomposition and neutralization of the spilled oil or gas.

Pellet Sponge

A densified Cellulose sponge not that much different from your cellulose kitchen sponge. But because of the small particle size, it is excellent at absorbing hydrocarbons and drilling fluids. Once absorbed, the wood pellets expand and help feed the microorganisms to decompose the wood and neutralize the pollutants. The material can then be left on site or land filled in a safe and responsible manner.

Lost Circulation

Pellet sponge wood pellets can also be used for drilling lost circulation, much as sawdust and paper has been used. Except that wood pellets are highly densified sawdust ( 1 cubic foot = 40lbs)


Wood pellets are excellent for absorbing almost any spilled liquid. Because they have been oven dried, they absorb moisture readily.


We use either one ton bulk bags (2000lbs) or 1 metric ton bulk bags (2205lbs) All bags have a bottom discharge shoot for easy unloading. They are shipped on a pallet and covered with a tough plastic hood for outside storage.