Woodscape offers mulch in a variety of colors to create a perfect landscape for your needs.


Light Brown




Our premium-colored mulch is produced using the cleanest and the finest quality wood chips available. By combining kiln and air dried hardwood and softwood lumbers, and using only the highest quality colorants, we are able to produce a consistent, long lasting, weed and bug free product that is safe for use around your home and garden as well as children and pets.

Environmentally-Safe, Long Lasting

Our premium-colored mulch is an environmentally-safe product that conserves water and suppresses weeds all while protecting your plants from extreme temperatures. Woodscape Premium Mulch will last longer, saving you time and money while maintaining the look you want. 

Mulches are available in 2 cubit foot bags or in bulk by the cubic yard. 

Delivery is available with a 10 yard minimum.

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