Good, healthy farm soil.

Top Soil

Woodscape Top Soil and Top Soil Blends are specially screened to help with all your soil needs; planter boxes, flower gardens, etc. We strive to have the highest quality in all of our products – our Top Soil comes from virgin farm fields and is not from clean-up locations.

OurTop Soil is screened for consistency, so there are no big rocks or trash; just good, healthy farm soil. 

Woodscape Top Soil is only available in bulk.

Soft Soil

Woodscape Soft Soil is a premium, organic, all natural "soft soil" – a special blend of our premium topsoil and premium compost. Your garden fruits and vegetables will thrive on the full range of nutrients needed to maintain root health and provide you with bright and delicious fruits and vegetables. By keeping your soil moist and healthy, you’ll enjoy your garden for many months each year. 

Our Soft Soil is great to use in your raised bed gardens. Soft Soil allows you to have farm fresh top soil with a boost from our premium farm compost so that you too can enjoy farm fresh produce and plants, all from your own yard. 

Woodscape Soft Soil is available in 1-foot cubit bags or in bulk.